Hello my dear smm badshah family members.
This is a system that generates things automatically. There can be system Errors sometimes.
we cant Manipulate any of your data since we are using a rental panel. so if you need Refill and Refund there are certain rules. We are running this panel for more than 3 years. you can check  here.Also we have other panels too.
We are running this business since 2017
and this website since 2019. You can trust us. we will solve your issues only if your issues are reasonable. Your money safety is 100% Guaranteed.


Please READ those notes carefully before you place an order

- All accounts must be Public , Not Private

- Please DO NOT order more than 1 order for the same link at the same time until the first one is Completed.

- Make sure your Subs and Likes and Views counter is public not private before you order.

- WE CAN'T Cancel/Edit any order after you put it on the system unless it got no problems , so please make sure to do the right order.

- If you change ur account to private or your video or post got deleted after you put the order we will mark the order as completed and we can't cancel it in any case.

- Please DO NOT order for ( Porn, Politics, extremism, and any content that stirs public opinion Accounts.

- When you make a new order you accept out terms and conditions.

- IMP : When you add funds we cant reverse your payment in any case and you will just be able to use your funds on the website.

Refill System :

- Refill system works according to the start, quantity and end count for each order separately.

- so when you request a refill for many orders we will take a look on each order separate depending on his numbers as we described above.

- if you have order followers for example and a drop happened , please contact us via Tickets to refill it and DO NOT order a new one until the first one got fully refilled because the new order will have the current start count of your account and the time you order.

- Refill period differ along the updates and overload but usually its done within 24-72 Hours.

- If your account has a big number of followers for example : 200k and you order 2k , Logically it will have a drop from the old followers so we cant refill in this case so make sure to order all followers from our side so we could follow up and refill all of your orders.

DID not find the service you need ?

- please raise a ticket with a subject of " Request " so our team will follow up and try to add the service for you

1.8) No refills for private account : if your account is hidden or made private we dont refill.

Partially completed  Means
 Amount of remaining quantity Refunded
Cancelled = Refunded


2.1) No refund  [If you order one order from here and other order from other provider for same link. we never ever encourage such things. dont expect any refunds for such cases.eg you telling us the followers got on my profile was from other provider. in these cases we dont refund. you can wait till its cancelled or completed. ]

2.2) Your Money is safe [if you put wrong links. You dont need to worry about it. It will be automatically cancelled and refunded or you can raise ticket by telling its a wrong link ]

2.3) cancelled = Refunded .once a order is marked cancelled means its refunded. we cant hold your money its automated. the only way to take your money is doing deductions from payments. you can make sure that your money is not deducted by visiting payments page.

2.4) Request [If you are requesting refund for running order. its possible for some services but not  possible for fast working services ]


3.1)  Using Our Paytm details on your website to accept payment is not allowed. If you are using our Paytm on your website or to accept payments from your clients then your account will be suspended without any further notice.

3.2) Payment Failure [If you have any payment issues dont worry just create one ticket we will find best solutions for you] Your money is safe with us

4) Account suspension

4.1) We will suspend your account incase of threatening or using Bad words.

4.2) we will suspend if you try to do manipulations in this website.Fund adding multiple time and all

Link Formats

correct or recommended link formats
Facebook post - https://www.facebook.com/smmbadshah/photos/a.100297852609678/137588665547263/

Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/smmbadshah

Facebook Video : https://www.facebook.com/smmbadshah/videos/2209332065915373

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/smmbadshah/

post : https://www.instagram.com/p/Cg4qgo1ASDFl/